Nature Therapy

What is Nature Therapy?

In Nature Therapy, we actively involve contact with Nature as part of the therapeutic process.

It's like counselling, in that the client talks to the counsellor about their issues of concern, but instead of staying in the counselling room, we go out in to nature, and use the natural world as a source of inspiration for personal development and creative expression.

How does it work?

There are many different ways that Nature Therapy can help alleviate common emotional and mental health difficulties, for instance:

 ·  Finding a deeper sense of connection to nature; this can help to alleviate feelings of loneliness, anxiety and isolation. It can help you cultivate a deep sense of 'belonging' to the world, and find increased comfort and enjoyment of your own company. Nature Therapy offers a range of techniques to help you deepen this sense of connection to the natural world.

·   Express yourself; many clients find it easier to talk whilst walking outdoors. There are also a huge range of techniques we can use, where nature provides the materials and inspiration to find new ways to explore and describe your issues. We might, for instance, find metaphors for your experiences in the outdoor environment during a walk, or create an experimental exercise that uses metaphor, with poetry & creative writing. Another variation on this is through ‘sculpture making’ with found objects, to represent what it is you are trying to express.

·  Nature as a mirror; sometimes, simply noticing how we are relating to the world around us can bring deep insights into the self. What things do you notice when you are out walking? what does that say about your state of mind, or your emotional process? In this way we can use nature to help increase your self awareness, to deepen your understanding of yourself and your issues. With increased awareness comes choice, and the possibility of choosing positive changes.

Nature Therapy is particularly useful for issues such as: Depression, Anxiety, Stress, difficult life decisions, finding motivation and coping with change.

I offer Nature Therapy for individuals and also for groups: 

 One to One Nature Therapy

Nature therapy can be integrated into regular weekly 1 hour counselling sessions (which I offer for £30 per hour). However, I have found that Nature Therapy sessions can work better as two hour sessions - which can be done fortnightly. I offer two hour sessions for £45. I would recommend a series of at least 6 sessions, although it is up to the client to decide how long they want the therapy for, and when to stop. Concessions available.

Group Workshops: 

I currently offer a programme of 3 one day Nature Therapy workshops for groups of up to 8 adults. The workshops take place on and near to Dartmoor, and happen all year round (yes, even in winter!). In these workshops, the facilitators (myself and one assistant) guide the group through a series of experiential nature therapy exercises. The group members will also help each other in their process, with the facilitators overseeing and guiding the group exercises. These group workshops are also a great way to meet new people, have fun and develop your own ability to help others as well as yourself. The Workshops cost £65 per day. Concessions available.

Contact me for details of workshop dates.