Integrative Counselling with Chris Smith 

What I Offer:

I am a caring and supportive counsellor who will work with you to explore and resolve difficult life issues and help you grow as an individual. I work with a wide range of issues, including; social anxiety, self esteem, unresolved childhood issues, relationships, anger & depression.

You may need to simply find compassion and acceptance for yourself, understand yourself more, develop better self support and coping strategies, or actively work to change behavioural patterns and transform distress emotions. As a skilled and qualified integrative counsellor, I can offer a range of different approaches, tailored specifically to help you, according to whatever you feel you need at the time.

So what does a typical counselling session with me involve? Mostly a lot of active listening from me, a safe space for you to explore emotions and thoughts without judgement. When talking isn't enough for a client, I offer creative writing and drawing techniques, EFT, CBT, visualisation and 'Sand Tray' work . Sometimes I work outdoors with clients, using contact with nature as part of the healing process. 

My Counselling Practice is based at Dartington Hall, Devon, England